3 ideas that will make your reading corner ideal

You came up with the idea of arranging a part of your home only for yourself, both for reading and for relaxation and reflection. We will give you a couple of ideas how you can do it without any hassle, and make your reading corner look like a fairy tale.

The question always arises whether you have enough space for your books? Are you comfortable when you find the right moment to read? Do you have enough natural light?

When you get lost in the plots of the book, you want the feeling of comfort and cosiness to fill the ambience you are in. What you need is an aesthetically pleasing reading nest.

Consider taking up space in the living room near the window, or some peaceful secondary airy room.

Then you should choose the right place for sitting and reading, which must be “comfortable” first of all. A soft upholstered chair or armchair with decorative pillows is a real magic for immersion and reading. You can also look for a rocking chair, which no one can resist. In some circumstances, it is also possible to take advantage of a wall niche or choose a large floor cushion that will provide a feeling of sitting and relaxing in nature. The most important thing is to stick to soft textures and pleasant colours.

Below are 3 ideas for the perfect corner with a combination of our paints and shades:

  1. Oriental style in combination with reduced shades radiates peculiarity and character, and the very complexity and exoticism of the material fills the spirit of the space. Natural tones are mainly combined with natural materials. The dominant colours are red, a symbol of joy and health, and yellow that we relate to good mood and energy.

A wall niche under the window, decorated with details in this style is sure to be an everyday motivation.

If you find your inspiration in this style, our suggestion is to choose the following colours and shades: DURLIN Wood and Metal Enamel, white RAL 9010, red RAL 3005 or yellow RAL 1021 for wooden and metal surfaces; ZVEZDAPOL Interior Wall Paint, HG046 in BASIC colour card for wall surfaces.

  1. The Scandinavian style is a real hit when you are in doubt regarding which style of decoration to choose. This style is characterized by pure, reduced forms and neutral shades. It is preferred to use white and light shades of wood, beech, ash, or white pine, as well as various shades of gray. Due to the very position of the Scandinavian peninsula, the Scandinavian climate and very short winter days suitable for outdoor activities, this style necessarily brings nature into the interior, natural shades, and a variety of flowers.

A gentle blue armchair with fluffy cushions placed near the window and a floor lamp with a flexible head, are a paradise for reading and relaxing.

You can paint the walls with the pure white ZVEZDAPOL Interior Washable Wall Paint, gray and black wooden and metal details with NITRO Enamel, RAL 7040 and RAL 9005.

  1. Vintage is an excellent solution if your home is enriched with wooden elements and if you would not make a lot of alterations. Vintage style is very popular today especially for those who decide to arrange their home on their own. Due to the high quality of the material used, this type of furniture is rising in price from year to year and if you do not already have it in your home it is increasingly widely available.

The armchair with wooden handrails is an irresistible piece that represents a balance between modern functionality and traditional aesthetics.

If you like this style then special attention should be paid to restoration. HERE you can learn how to properly paint old furniture.

Decorate old furniture with cheerful motifs, and place small elements, a coffee table, a smaller bookcase, and flowers around your new, favourite chair.

Furniture will shine in all its glory if you refresh it with a colourless DEKORIN TOP Wood Stain, and you can also opt for one of the transparent shades and thus get a piece that is more suitable to fit.

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