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The trust of our customers and understanding of their needs and preferences has guided us to clearly and successfully define the structure of ZVEZDA brand. In order to enable a simpler selection of products for our customers and to make their work in an urban environment easier, we have classified our products under certain sub-brands. This has inspired us to set the already recognizable sub-brands as carriers of products that organically belong to them, according to their purpose, composition and quality. We have kept our focus on our customers, good communications and a high level of service, as well as on strong loyalty, which has been the primary reason for restructuring and creating this new identity.


DURLIN includes products that are used as primers and opaque finishes and decorative coatings for wood and metal elements, indoors and outdoors. As they cover the texture of wood, opaque finishes are used for low-grade wood and protection of damaged surfaces while giving a special decorative tone to metal surfaces. This group of products includes primers and finishes and special-purpose coatings.


NITRO product group includes nitrocellulose-based transparent coatings and opaque finishes for wood and metal, which are fast curing due to a purely physical process, evaporation of the solvent. Long-lasting tradition testifies the importance of these coatings for the paint and varnish industry. Nitrocellulose coatings provide a hard and elastic film that can be polished to a high gloss. They adhere well to the surface and provide long-term corrosion protection on metal surfaces. Nitrocellulose varnishes improve the hydrophobic properties of wooden surfaces and provide the desired level of gloss.


DEKORIN wood stains emphasize the natural structure of wood and provide an aesthetically pleasing surface with a silky gloss. They provide complete transparent protection and decoration of hardwood joinery, windows, doors, timber wall cladding, beams, garden furniture, fences, canopies, etc. This group of products also includes coatings with added wax, which enhances water-repellent properties and makes the surface more pleasant to the touch, while emphasising the texture of wood and extending its durability.


LIGNOLUKS includes all products that are necessary for bonding, filling and varnishing parquet floors. Adhesives are specially designed to provide high-quality adhesion and flexibility, while varnishes provide a high grade of protection and excellent aesthetic results. In addition to the standard solvent-based varnishes, we have placed a special focus on environmentally friendly water-based varnishes.


ZVEZDAPOL integrates products that are used for the protection and decoration of interior walls and ceilings. It includes levelling compounds with a wide range of applications and working techniques, including wall paints for special functional and decorative demands. Levelling compounds can be used for application by hand or mechanical application. Paints are available in several thousand colour tones thanks to HG MIX tinting system.


FASAKRIL products are used for thermal insulation and facade decoration. A thermal insulation system is comprised of elements that provide suitable protection to your home from the effects of the weather while saving energy and improving the quality of life. A properly applied thermal insulation system is necessary for long-term protection from atmospheric effects. For purposes of ensuring secure protection, we recommend that the whole system is used in strict compliance with application rules and methods. For the final protective and decorative element, our range provides various facade and decorative plasters, and water- and solvent-based facade paints, which are adapted to various temperature conditions.


BETAKOL has become synonymous with protective and decorative concrete paints. The concrete surface is porous and tends to wear, generate dust and absorb dirt. Treatment of concrete surfaces with our coatings can ensure durability, easy cleaning and improvement of the final look of the concrete surface. These products are recommended for terraces, garages, balconies, basements and other rooms which are exposed to moderate wear. They have excellent adherence to natural stone, untreated ceramic tiles, hardboard, wood and chipboard.


PALAS products include adhesives for laying floor and wall ceramic tiles, indoors and outdoors. These adhesives are adjusted to different working conditions. These various products are in line with different standards. Optimum results can be easily achieved if the products are chosen wisely, and thanks to the ease of application and excellent quality of our products.

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