How to paint old furniture?

Arranging old wooden furniture has been a complete hit for some time. In all the popular city corners you can see restored pieces of furniture in various colors, completely changed in character. Even new modern furniture is produced in the image of restored old furniture.

You have the idea and desire to fit such a piece into your ambience, by following the steps below you can easily completely transform it:

1. Protect floor and other sufraces

Before you start work, protect the floor and other surfaces that can be damaged and soiled. You can protect the surfaces with newspaper or painting nylon that you can buy in any paint shop.

2. Remove the old paint

If you want to see the texture of the wood, the old coating must be completely removed – to clean wood, by sanding. For reparation with top coats, it is enough to sand the surface well with sandpaper (first with a larger granulation of 120-180, and then with a finer one 240-320).

Remove abrasive dust and dirt with a brush or cloth. Clean the resin and grease with a cloth soaked in NITRO thinner.

Be careful and patient when removing old paint so as not to damage the wood. Wood is a noble material and its surfaces require special attention, so be ready to take the time and dedicate yourself completely to it, and the result will delight you.

3. Fill wood cracks with wood putty

In case of minor surface defects on the wood (holes, cracks), prepare wood putty, which should be applied with a putty knife, leveled and sanded after drying. If you opt for transparent coatings, then the putty is used in the color of the wood you are working with. Grinding after drying the putty is done with finer sandpaper.

Before the next step, applying the substrate, clean the dust and dirt with a damp cloth.

4. Apply the substrate and finish

With coating systems, the texture of the wood is not visible, it is possible to apply the final enamel immediately after sanding the old coating. Among enamels, you can choose between quick-drying NITRO Enamel and DURLIN Wood and Metal Enamel with exceptional aesthetic results. However, to be sure of the result, it is recommended to also use a base coat, NITRO Wood Primer or DURLIN Wood Primer, depending on the selected finish.

Transparent processing requires a base coat, which is sanded with 240-320 grit sandpaper after drying. Depending on the desired characteristics of the transparent coating itself, you can choose between quick-drying NITRO varnishes and DEKORIN varnishes with exceptional properties of protection against atmospheric influences.

NITRO Primer Varnish  is applied to clean wood or wood previously painted with LIGNOLUKS Acrylic Stain or NITRO Stain. Before applying the NITRO Finish Varnish, sanding is mandatory.

DEKORIN varnishes emphasize the natural structure of the wood and give the surface an attractive silky gloss. You can choose the shade of your choice and depending on the type of stain you can choose between a thin layer DEKORIN Wood Stain, or a high gloss coating, DEKORIN TOP Wood Stain with the addition of wax and DEKORIN Boat Varnish.

For a perfect result, we recommend using a complete system, base and finish paint. The application of the next layers of coating is done after complete drying of the previous layer according to the manufacturer’s instructions for each type of coating.

After you have followed all the steps, leave the furniture to dry completely overnight. When your piece of furniture is completely dry, you can enjoy the beauty of your home and rejoice in the fruit of your work.

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