How to arrange a children’s room?

What did your room look like when you were a child?

Gray and pastel shades are the epitome of good taste, and with a few sweet details, the room becomes a real little paradise for playing and dreaming.

Children spend most of their time in their rooms playing and unlocking a new world. In order to awaken their imagination and create a dream room, the most important thing is to choose an adequate color combination. A safe way is to start with neutral, calm and pastel shades.

The great combination is white, gray and dirty pink. This combination of colors allows you to play and emphasize other elements in the room. The beauty of children’s rooms is that you will have fun and get out of your comfort zone during the decoration.

Empty the room, protect the surfaces, and start from the walls. First, skim the walls with ZVEZDAPOL Ready to Use Levelling Compound, immediately ready for use, using a stainless trowel. If the walls are already skimmed, you can skip this step. Then impregnate the walls with FASAKRIL Impregnation EXTRA 1:8. To ensure that the walls can easily be cleaned after tireless games and that the room will look like new again the next day, paint them using ZVEZDAPOL Interior Washable Wall Paint. Highlight one wall in a shade of gray, which is chosen from the HGMIX INTERIOR COLOUR COLLECTION colour card, shade B12-3. On the white wall place reduced elements, such as a practical storage bag and paintings that can be easily replaced with the first children’s works and photographs.

The second step is to decorate the room with furniture, decorative soft rugs and toys. Consider how much space you will need to store things and go one step further, the room seems small in the beginning, but as the children grow, so do the needs. We suggest starting with smaller easily replaceable elements until you are sure what you want.

Paint the drawer and the beds in the same two shades from the beginning of the project, gray and white. It is very simple with these shades, they are easy to fit. First prepare the wooden surfaces, then apply the primer DURLIN Wood Primer. When the substrate is dry, apply a top coat, DURLIN Wood and Metal Enamel, in the selected shade, RAL 7040, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Wait for the coating to dry completely and clean the room of dust and other impurities. Decorate it with unique details left for the end as the best part. Decorate the room with plush toys, picture frames, shaggy rugs suitable for sitting and carefully selected bedspreads. You can also opt for a special theme such as fairies, pirates, the sea world, jungle animals, choose key shades from the theme and arrange the space using the same procedure.

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