How to get a perfect balcony?

Private outdoor space is the dream of most people living in an urban environment. Even if it is small, it deserves to be an object of inspiration and to be used for a kind of a design endeavour.

On beautiful, warm and sunny days and relaxing summer evenings, a beautifully decorated balcony can be a new safe haven. This space can be used in many ways, it can be a pleasant place to read or a perfect place for dining and unforgettable socializing. As such, it is a favourite place for many to stay. The balcony can also easily be turned into a beautifully lit and lovely workspace.

Since living in an urban environment entails a desire for the natural environment, you can create a unique garden on the balcony in which you will indulge in the influence of nature.

We will show you how in a few steps you can get a harmoniously combined green balcony that you will enjoy every day.

1. Garden furniture

The elements to focus on in this project are the furniture and the decoration itself.

It is crucial to choose comfortable and practical furniture. In order for the balcony to achieve the effect we wanted and be in harmony with nature, we chose a classic, folding wooden table and chairs made of hardwood, eucalyptus, and often they are made of oak, beech and walnut. This type of wood is suitable for furniture for outdoor use, it withstands weather changes very well, and if it is properly protected with a suitable coating, it emphasizes the natural charm and ensures the longevity of the furniture.

2. Protection of wooden surfaces and disposal

It is recommended that the garden furniture be coated with a protective coating before the first use. For this project, we have chosen a colourless top coat, DEKORIN TOP Wood Stain with the addition of wax. This coating is of high gloss and protects wooden surfaces from water, UV radiation and other atmospheric influences. Other shades are available according to the tone chart of wood stains.

During winter, store furniture in a garage, pantry or other well-ventilated area. Do not cover it with plastic wrap, as it can cause mold and rot. Before the season, protect it again with a protective coating if you see that it is necessary, and you will be sure that your furniture will shine like new from year to year.

3. Decoration

We have divided the balcony into different functional zones. Thus, we placed the table and chairs against the wall, between the two windows, and thus left enough space to the railings. We decorated the table with a practical wicker basket, which can be used for various purposes, a metal candlestick and a glass vase, suitable for fresh flowers that you do not have space to grow on the balcony.

Comfortable seat cushions can be found in various designs and materials, with or without straps. They can be easily changed, set up and removed seasonally.

Morning coffee, with a scene like this, takes on a whole new meaning.

4. Never enough flowers

A balcony full of flowers will surely win you over with its appearance. The garden on the balcony can be varied, from ornamental flowers to spices and herbs. On the balconies, you can usually see trailing geranium or surfinia, bluebells, dipladenia, etc. They come in a variety of colors, so you can combine and blend them in a variety of ways. From spices and herbs you can grow, primrose, mint, rosemary, basil, etc. The microgreens look very exotic, and at the same time they are enriched with vitamins, intense taste and they are ideal for food decoration.

Choose flowers depending on the size of the space and the amount of light you have at your disposal. There is something for everyone.

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