Ladders and their repurposing

Ladders are an essential item in every home. We cannot even imagine performing many decoration jobs without using them. However, as with all other items, after certain time we want to replace them with new ones. We can give a completely new glow and function to old ladders, as they gain a key position in modern interior design. In addition to an aesthetic factor, their functionality also matters, as we can use them in any room of our home as a part of the furniture.

If you want this new piece of furniture to fit perfectly into your ambience, you can refresh your wooden ladders with paint, decorate them with wicker baskets or decorative lighting.

A well-preserved wooden ladder will give your home a note of rustic style. With a neutral shade of color, you will best fit them into minimalist spaces, and with a bright shade you will emphasize them. Whatever you decide, before installation, the wood must be protected so as to last longer.

The surface of wooden ladder should be well sanded using sandpaper and sanding dust and impurities should be carefully removed.

If you wish to keep the wood structure visible, we recommend DEKORIN TOP Wood Stain with the addition of wax, colourless or in different wood shades that are offered. If you opt for a full tone, where the texture of the wood is not visible, we recommend that you protect the wooden ladder after sanding first with DURLIN Wood Primer, and then with the selected shade of DURLIN Wood and Metal Enamel.

How to properly paint old ladders, step by step, you can read HERE.

Ladder protected and decorated in this manner can be installed in the dining room or living room. Be sure to attach them to the wall and arrange books, flowers, decorations, decorative boxes on them.

In the kitchen, ladders are painted white and they can be an excellent shelf for dishes and herbs that will always be at hand.

In the bathroom, the ladder can be used to store towels and cosmetics.

In the bedroom or hallway, ladders can be used to practically store clothes.

Ladders will also find their use on the terrace, as an ideal addition in creating a magical flower oasis.

You can also use them as a stand for houseplants and thus enrich the work area in your home.

Your little ones will surely be delighted if you make them happy and make a special hidden place just for them. Take care to further strengthen the ladders. Decorate this unique tent with a transparent curtain, plush decorations and place pillows, so that the little ones have complete comfort.

In the end, do not forget that you can also use the ladder for non-traditional Christmas tree. Create the right atmosphere in your home!

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