Bold shades of red to welcome spring

When it comes to choosing a perfect wall color, many opt for a safe choice such as neutral beige or silver tones and white colors. Yet, over time, this decision can become monotonous and tedious. If you want to freshen up the walls of your home, spring months are ideal for your next project.

With the arrival of spring, we often get a desire to refresh our living space with new colors and decor. Experimenting with bold shades which show personality is an excellent idea. A recommendation is to choose the shade that brightens you up. A very interesting, impressive, and effective color, that is becoming more popular and leaves no one indifferent is red. This very bold and energetic color often gets unfairly neglected. The red color is primarily a symbol of energy and life, and in many of its shades reflects charm and elegance, while darker shades symbolize dignity and seriousness.

The red color in an interior may be applied in various ways and different color combinations by just using imagination. For instance, combinations with neutral colors such as white, silver, or beige. For those who are a little bolder, a perfect combination with red may also be with turquoise, dark blue, pink, or yellow. Also, it can easily fit into different interiors with wooden, black, or bright furniture, all decors, as well as neutral beige, silver, gold, or black features. Furthermore, red color mixed with rich wood tones and other warmer, more neutral shades, may provide a pleasant and traditional feeling. On the other hand, when it is paired with colder shades, red reacts more sharper and modern.

To begin with, the red color is ideal for one of the rooms where you do not spend much time during the day, such as a hallway or dining room. Intensive colors leave an elegant and dramatic impression, so it is a better idea to opt for a smaller wall or a part of the wall in this color, especially when it comes to bedrooms and living rooms. With such shades, not many details will be needed since they are very impressive. Special attention should also be paid to the amount of natural light in the room. Darker shades are of great choice only if the room has a lot of natural light, otherwise, dark walls will add to the darkness.  

If you decide to try something more intense, a great choice for an accent wall may be the shade R09-7 from the HGMIX INTERIOR COLOUR COLLECTION colour card. In combination with light wood and lighter, pastel tones, it will look modern, contemporary, and classy.

Regarding color taste, many people consider red a very intense color. If you are not a fan of the fiery red, there are various lighter shades of red. For instance, pastel red shades may be a perfect choice for a bedroom and living room as well. On the other hand, with more intense shades, accent walls should be chosen carefully, whereas with less intense and more discreet shades that is not the case. A flawless color for an interior can be chosen from the interactive HGMIX INTERIOR COLOUR COLLECTION colour card which contains more than 150 shades of red.

Another very beautiful, lighter shade of red, for all lovers of a slightly more subtle interior is R22-5. Unlike bright red, this subtle, modern shade will highlight the room and it will give an elegant and sophisticated look, even if one or more walls are painted in this color. Furthermore, with the addition of personal details, favorite flowers, and accessories, a real spring oasis will be created in your home.

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