Tips and ideas for creating a backyard oasis

With the arrival of summer and the first sunny days, interesting ideas for arranging the backyard spring to mind. A peaceful place where you will enjoy the coming months in the sun, fresh air, and pleasant summer evenings. Regardless of the size yard, you can always create a corner for relaxation gathering. Bellow there are a few useful tips and ideas that can serve as inspiration for your next project.

Planning is very important when it comes to arranging and functional decoration. Therefore, hard-to-fix mistakes such as mismatched furniture and insufficient space will be avoided. For good planning, it is important to know the space well and choose the optimal furniture arrangement, the appropriate ambiance, and the number of people who will use it.

After you have roughly imagined how the space should be designed, the next step is the precise arrangement of the furniture. Firstly, choose the central part of the area and the color palette that will be used. You can choose two basic shades and enrich the ambiance with details, a palette of several similar shades, or decide on a specific shade and one piece of furniture in an accent color, which you decide as the primary one. There are many styles, therefore, choose the one that is most attractive to you and that fits with the rest of the environment.

Outdoor furniture is often exposed to different weather conditions. If you have old chairs or tables, there is no need to get new ones, use them to equip the yard. Wooden furniture can also be used outside, but it is necessary to properly protect it from various weather conditions. Two old chairs, with little creativity and work, can become a new sitting bench for sitting or storing things. Palettes are also an excellent choice for creating garden furniture.

When it comes to renovating old furniture, it is necessary to follow a few steps. Firstly, rinse the surface thoroughly with a dry cloth, and if needed wet the cloth a little. Furthermore, when the surface is dried, use a sander or sandpaper to clean and degrease the surface. If there are traces of old paint, they need to be removed as well. The next step is proper protection of the wood. Depending on your preferences, you can choose DEKORIN Wood Stain, which protects wood from weathering effects while enriching its surface and leaving a visible structure of wood. On the other hand, if you prefer to cover the structure of the wooden surface, there are 15 available shades of DURLIN Wood and Metal Enamel. Before applying enamel, it is necessary to protect the wood with DURLIN Wood Primer. 

However, if your choice is furniture made of metal, it is also necessary to protect it once a year. Our recommendation is to use NITRO Effect Varnish, which gives furniture a decorative look and hammered effect, or DURLIN Enamel for wood and metal. When arranging metal furniture, be thoughtful about positioning, since you will not move it often due to its weight.

After choosing the table and chairs, the next step is to decorate the yard with your favorite flowers. Also, the design of flower pots is of great importance when it comes to decoration. There are several ways to make your own, unique pots by using items that you already may have in the house. Glass jars are an excellent choice, which you can easily paint and style as you wish. Other options are empty cans or wooden crates, drawers from an old chest, or even old dishes. All of the above, with a little effort, time, and creativity you can turn into original flower pots which will add a personal touch to your yard’s oasis.

If you have enough space, a piece that will complete your yard is a swing. The easiest way to make a swing is to tie a suitable board with the ropes and hang it on a thicker, stronger branch, or to make, with a piece of fabric, a hammock swing and hang it between two trees. However, if you do not have trees in your yard, we suggest making a stand for a swing, and with little patience, effort, and skill you can make your swing. For a sitting place, you can use an old pallet and attach it to the structure with ropes or chains. In addition to numerous imaginative options, we believe that you will find the suitable one for your yard.

Another great idea is a fenced sitting corner separated from the rest of the yard, which will give you ultimate privacy from your neighbors and the street view. For the fence, the easiest and fastest way is to use old pallets. If the color of the pallets does not match the rest of the exterior, you can paint them with DURLIN Wood and Metal Enamel in a desired color shade. Besides the privacy, pallets also can be used as a shelf, to hang the flower pots or interesting string lights. Combine practical and useful to get your private little oasis.

Sitting corner, enrich with playing cards, board games, books, candlesticks, pillows, and blankets for extra comfort. Darts, a basketball hoop, or a goal are great for recreation and entertainment. Whatever style you choose, this summer you will have a corner that is adjusted to you and your needs, a place to share beautiful moments with your family, and friends or just to enjoy sunsets with a cup of coffee.

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