Original New Year Decoration in your home

December is a month of New Year’s eve euphoria and magical moments. Winter and snowflakes, which foreshadow the most beautiful holiday, also inspire us for the home’s holiday inspiration. Then everything gets a dose of magic. For the very end of this year, with a little time and a lot of good energy, be more creative and embark on another fun project. Take a look at our suggestions below and turn your home into a magical New Year’s fairy tale.

Decorative wooden candlesticks

Wooden candlesticks are an excellent choice for romantic winter evenings, and their manufacture is very simple. All you need from the material is the following:

  • a piece of wood
  • drill and gimlet for wood of appropriate diameter
  • sandpaper
  • caliper
  • brush
  • DEKORIN TOP Wood Stain
  • candle
  • decorative tape and decorations as desired

The process of making a candlestick from wood:

First, determine the size of the desired candlesticks and make sure that the wood is dry and free of wood pests. The surfaces of the candlesticks can remain in the original style, and you can also remove the bark and abrade the surface of the wood, to make it smooth. To determine the opening on the candlestick and its size, you will need a compass (drawing tool). Use it to accurately mark the location of the opening for a candle or other decorative element. Hollow out the opening in the desired dimensions. Clean the wood from sawdust, so that it is ready for the next step. Apply DEKORIN TOP Wood Stain to the candlestick with a brush, which will protect it while highlighting the natural structure of the wood. Optionally, for an additional shimmering effect, you can decorate the candlestick with various color glitters. When the wood stain on the candlesticks is completely dry, place the desired decorative candles and decorations.

Making ornaments from pine cones

A very simple, original idea for which you need the following

Once you choose the desired sizes of pine cones and make sure there is no damage, you can begin with the work. Clean the pinecones from impurities, then apply with the brush DURLIN Wood and Metal Enamel of the selected shade, previously diluted with DURLIN Oil thinner up to 5%. DURLIN Enamel is great for decorating wooden surfaces and it is available in 15 standard shades. For an authentic New Year’s look, we suggest you play with colors and paint your decorative pine cones in shades RAL 9006 or 9010. In addition to different shades of enamel, you can also use sequins or some other decorations that you like. When the enamel is dry (dries), it is time to hang it, for which you will need a string or decorative tape, which will fit in with the rest of the decoration. Pine cones can also be a decoration for some (delete some) other items, not only for the Christmas tree. So colored, you can also use them for decorating New Year’s gifts and the front door.

Christmas tree made of wooden crates

Is there anything better than a New Year’s Eve tree? If you are not a fan of classic trees and want something different and original in your home, we have a great idea for you.

To make a Christmas tree from old wooden crates, you need the following:

  • old wooden crates of different sizes
  • glue or gun with silicone for gluing
  • sandpaper
  • decorative strips, sequins
  • brush
  • DEKORIN Wood Stain

Clean the crates of dust and dirt. Make sure that the crates are of different sizes, as the decoration effect will also be more beautiful. Sand the edges of the crates with sandpaper. If you want the crate to retain its original appearance, forget the sandpaper and leave it just as it is. For protection and decoration, coat the crates with DEKORIN Wood Stain, a transparent coating, which penetrates deeply into the wood and emphasizes the natural structure. Choose one of the 11 shades that best suit your interior. When the wood stain is dry, glue the desired decorations, strips, or LED lights with glue or silicone for gluing. Row the crates on top of each other until you achieve the look of a New Year’s tree. Arrange decorations, gifts, and whatever you want in the openings of the crates.

If you don’t have enough space for a Christmas tree or want a more discreet New Year’s decoration, you can also use the decorated crates to store items, pillows, and blankets that will keep you warm on the cold, winter days.

After finishing the New Year decoration of the home, enjoy the magic and festive atmosphere with your loved ones. For a great year, new projects, eternal inspiration, plenty of imagination, and successful realization, we wish you and your family a happy New Year and Christmas holidays!

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