Interior walls: White is always IN

We are often asked for advice or recommendations regarding the color shade that would protect the interior walls. It seems extremely simple, and yet it is difficult to give the right answer without knowing the person who will spend the most time in that space and really feel comfortable in the overall ambience.

For all those who do not have the courage to embark on the adventure of choosing one of the thousands of shades on offer in the HGMIX Interior colour card, the right choice is white. It is the perfect base for any style of decoration and offers many options where you can add a sense of warmth, comfort, elegance and uniqueness to details. White walls make the space fresher, brighter and calmer, creating the impression of spaciousness. You simply can’t go wrong with white; it exudes serenity and helps to keep us in the very same mood.

To make the space more interesting, details from different materials, structures and shapes in shades from yellow to purple, orange to turquoise, red to green, with the inevitable gray, beige and natural wood colors are often combined with white walls, which we achieve with wooden floors, carpet, curtains, furniture, decorative pillows, shelf, mirror or picture frame, art paintings or photographs. White walls will allow the texture and line of furniture to come to the forefront.

Before painting the walls, it is necessary to prepare the substrate. Impregnate the surface of the wall, which must be dry, clean, free of loose parts, grease and other impurities, with FASAKRIL Impregnation EXTRA 1:8. If you want a better look of the final paint film, apply ZVEZDAPOL Ready to Use Levelling Compound, which is already prepared for application. The leveling layer is dry after 3-4 hours.

Then, apply ZVEZDAPOL WASHABLE wall paint, which is characterized by superior coverage, excellent adhesion, vapor permeability and pronounced whiteness. It is easy to apply and you will finish the job with ease and enjoyment. Apply the paint in two coats, the second coat after drying the first, by roller, brush or spray

With a little imagination and colorful details, you will enjoy your new, refreshed space. If you get a part of the wall dirty over time, don’t worry: this paint is resistant to wet wiping, so you can wipe the wall with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

Enjoy the whiteness of your new space!

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