Front door: a symbol of a new beginning, a place of new encounters

When decorating a home, we try to bring every detail to perfection, often forgetting to start from the beginning, from the very entrance and the front door. Their importance is reflected in the fact that they can significantly contribute to the warmth of every home, hospitality and a better appearance of the overall ambience, as they leave a first impression of the entire space and the people who live in it.

The front door is exposed to the constant effects of weather, climate and mechanical influences. Although they can be made of different materials, doors made of wood, as a natural material, are still in trend and if properly maintained, they can last for decades. Wood as a material brings warmth and has the power to make every home an attractive and comfortable place to live.

For protection and decoration of wooden doors in the exterior, if you want the texture of the wood to remain visible, we recommend DEKORIN wood stains. When choosing a shade, we advise you to avoid the darkest shades, especially for those doors that are exposed to intense sunlight, as darker tones heat up more, UV rays decompose lignin in wood, which makes it rough and dry, cracks appear on the compositions, as well as opening of glued joints, decay of glass putty and accumulation of water. Colourless (completely transparent) stains are also not recommended, so we advise your to choose medium-intensity shades.

It is necessary to prepare the surface, sand the surface of the door with sandpaper no. 150 and dust it. The surface must be clean, free of dust and grease and dry. To prevent wood from rotting and decay, impregnate the wood by applying DEKORIN Impregnation in one to two coats. After drying, lightly sand and dust the surface. Then apply DEKORIN TOP Wood Stain in two to three coats in the selected shade.

If the door is made in combination with glass, over which a metal, grid protection is placed, take the opportunity and paint the metal parts using DURLIN Enamel 3/1, quick-drying, universal coating, which is an anti-corrosion agent, basic and final coating in one product. You will apply it quickly and efficiently, because the substrate does not need to be specially cleaned of corrosion, but only degrease the surface and remove the roughest, worn layer of rust, if any.

If you want your door to be painted in full tone, without visible wood texture, choose one of 15 shades of DURLIN Wood and Metal Enamel. The surface preparation procedure is the same, and then you will use the DURLIN Wood Primer as the first coat in the system by applying it in one coat. After drying and interlayer gentle sanding, apply wood and metal enamel in two coats. When choosing a shade, keep in mind that it can also contribute to emphasizing the door in the exterior, which gives a unique stamp and a special charm to the ambience.

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