DIY project: From idea to realization

Every new project is more than a job done. There is nothing like the feeling you have after completing a task that you have worked hard for. Whether it’s repairing wooden or metal surfaces, painting, or building a house on wheels, with a strong will, anything is possible.

Anja and Strahinja in action

Anja and Strahinja (@whatifness) have decided to make their life a real adventure and turn their every idea into reality. Are your childhood dreams still with you?

The legendary intercity bus has been turned into a beautiful mountain house, their new home, which will find a place in a natural environment and on a piece of paradise for parking. Through a research adventure, of 24 m2 of blank canvas, they created a plan and set to work.

Was it easy? They showed us that it is not, but also that some things are worth more than words. Lots of new tools and necessary time to get acquainted with the materials and possibilities. Still, it all turned out to be worth the effort.

Embarking on a DIY project provides an opportunity to master new skills and techniques, which can be of great use to you, from helping a friend in their DIY project or renovating a cottage or house in a dream environment. By repairing your home, you will not only make it more beautiful, but you will look at your home with completely different eyes. You will absolutely love to spend your time there and fall asleep with the fact that it is your work and just your idea.

Together in a DIY project

DIY projects are a great way to spend more time with your family. Having more hands than help will make every project go smoothly, and you will have the final results faster than you expected. While working together on practical projects, you create strong connections, which you could not achieve with other activities.

The advantage of such projects is that they adapt to you, and not the other way around. It will allow you to focus, plan and work in your arrangement. You will be surprised when you come up with an unexpected turn to a creative solution.

Your next project will associate you with different memories, special moments and the home itself as a symbol of family, warmth, love, security and everyday joy. Find your motivation and get to work.

We stand behind the people guided by each new project, providing the best to each DIY step, from the beginning to the end of the project. We support new projects through the activities we undertake, promoting a positive attitude and providing practical advice, which encourages thinking and participation in specific projects.

With thinking on wheels, Zvezda appreciates the importance of creativity and imagination in your next project.

DIY bus
For smoothing and painting on the project, ZVEZDAPOL Levelling Compound 3/1 was used, which is extremely white, very easy to apply and is an excellent base for dispersion paints and ZVEZDAPOL Interior Washable Wall Paint in W06-2 shade according to HGMIX Interior colour card. For the braver ones, you can also find more intense tones in the tone chart. In case you dirty the wall after the project, you did not waste time in vain, the paint is resistant to wet wiping. DURLIN Wood and Metal enamel in the shade RAL 7040, high gloss, was used for painting wooden surfaces, which ensures longevity and beautiful appearance of the elements.
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