DURLIN Polyester Set

DURLIN Polyester Set

DURLIN H 230 P is an unsaturated polyester resin which is, together with Hardener N and DURLIN MAT E-450, a part of the DURLIN Repair Set.


Recommended for repairs to damaged parts and filling holes in elements made of metal (car body, sanitary ware, structures – drainpipes, sheet metal roofs) and glass reinforced plastic (boats, car bumpers, interior elements, garden furniture, sanitary ware, etc.), and materials with excellent adhesion properties (wood, concrete, ceramics, etc.).


Mix a small quantity, 200 g of DURLIN H 230 P, and 6 g Hardener N (approx. 150 drops). Mix well and apply a thin layer of the mixture with a brush on a dry, degreased and sanded surface which is being repaired. Apply a layer of DURLIN MAT E-450 and again reapply the mixture on the surface with a brush to saturation. Remove any air bubbles that may have appeared during application of the mixture. For a thicker layer, repeat application of DURLIN MAT E-450 and reapply the mixture to saturation until the desired thickness is achieved. Pot life of the mixture is about 8 min. at 20 °C. After hardening, the repaired parts are sanded and coated with appropriate coatings. Does not require thinners. Clean all tools with acetone.


DURLIN H -230P: 750 g; Hardener N: 25 g; DURLIN MAT E: 0.625 m².


750 g of DURLIN H 230 P and 25 g of Hardener N and 0.625 m² DURLIN MAT E-450 is sufficient for repairing 0.625 m² in 1 mm thickness.
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