Economical and original furniture in your home

You have probably once been in a situation where you want a change in your home, and it does not mean buying new furniture. If you have wooden pallets, crates or planks left over from old furniture, there are many ways you can use them. The result is original, and very economical furniture, which will give your home a new face.

One of the suggestions is a bed made of wooden pallets. Depending on the size, you will need four or more pallets. To begin with, it is necessary to sand the pallets with sandpaper and carefully remove abrasive dust and dirt. After that, the wood needs to be protected to last longer. If you want the color and texture of the pallet to remain the same, you can coat the pallets with a thick layer of DEKORIN TOP Wood Stain, which emphasizes the natural texture of the wood and gives the wood a great finishing touch. If you want the pallets to be in a different color, which fits better with the rest of the interior, you need to coat them with DURLIN Wood Primer. After that, the pallets need to be coated with the selected shade of DURLIN Wood and Metal Enamel. When the pallets are dry, you can arrange them in the desired shape and fasten them with screws. Very simple and fast, without too many necessary tools, your bedroom can get a completely new sleeping area.

Another idea for making furniture using pallets is a club table for the living room. If you want, you can also use the wheels, so that it can be moved as easily as possible. If you still prefer a higher table in the living room, simply use two pallets instead of one. You can use the space between them as a shelf, for storing magazines and books, or for decorating your favorite items. If you do not want the color of the wood in your living room, using DURLIN Wood and Metal Enamel, you will easily get a club table in the desired shade. The result is a very practical piece of furniture, which you can use in other rooms in your home.

Pallets can also be used for furniture in your yard, balcony or terrace. Very interesting design of the seating set, which you can, with a little imagination, fit into any style, add colors, pillows or blankets for colder evenings. Depending on the size of the space, you can make an armchair, two-seater or a whole set, where you will host your friends. It is very important to protect this furniture, by choosing the appropriate coatings for wood, since they are exposed to the weather.

Using old pallets or boards, you can easily make a swing for your youngest family members, which will bring them a lot of joy and play.

Very decorative multi-purpose shelves can be made from old used wooden crates. You can use them for the living room, children’s room or bedroom, the choice is yours.

Another great idea that offers many possibilities, and can really complete the space, is a chandelier that you can make yourself, using various things that you already have in your home. You will need a wooden board or beam, a pair of ropes and light bulbs. If you still want something a little more modern, you can use metal or wooden bowls, which will give your chandelier an original look.

You don’t have to be a professional to furnish your home with style. It takes a little time and patience, and the result that is the work of your hands will be great.

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